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Offering kids computer coding courses, taught through project based learning.

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Project Based Learning

Kids learn best by doing. We teach our students primarily by having them complete projects such as web based games, mobile games, voice recognition, websites and more.

Our hands on approach ensures that what is taught is retained by our students as well as creating an improved learning experience for the students.

We only teach real coding languages. There are no drag and drop "languages" used here. The kids code primarily in Javascript. The same language used to power sites like Youtube, Google, Facebook and 95% of all websites on the web!


-Inspire & Sage Oak Enrichment Program:

We are an approved vendor for both Inspire Charter School and Sage Oak Homeschooling Programs.
Our Inspire Specialty Course and Sage Oak Enrichment Course offers tech courses for students between 5th to 12th grade. Students learn tech and coding through projects such as drone coding, game development, and more. These classes meet 2 times per week between 9AM and 2PM.

The Level 1 group is comprised of first year students .Second year students are placed into the Level 2 group. Level 1 students learn the fundamentals of computer programming through individual projects. Level 2 students master their skills through collaborative class projects. Through our program, high school students are able to earn class credits.

Scholarships are available for most students! Read below for more info

Level 1 High School Syllabus: Click here to open
Level 2 High School Syllabus: Click here to open
Level 1 Primary School Syllabus: Click here to open
Level 2 Primary School Syllabus: Click here to open

-Afterschool Robotics:

Starting in September 2019 we will be offering a robotics program for students to participate in the design, devlopment, engineering, and testing of robots. This course is aimed towards students 12 years old and up with or without previous coding or robotics experience. Class meeting are from 2:30pm to 4:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Students will be using SMT32 microcontroller boards, servo motors, 3D printing, and more in this course. No robotics kit will be used in this course as to avoid drag and drop interfaces.

For more information or to sign up please contact the instructor by clicking here.

-Weekend Coding Program:

We have discontinued our weekend course in order to focus on our Afterschool Robotics Program.

-Scholarships, Payments and Notes:

We offer scholarships to students who excel in academics on a case-by-case basis. In order to qualify, an aptitude test must be completed by the student. Level 1 students are not required to have any previous programming knowledge, the aptitude test will cover math, writing, and critical thinking skills. Please contact us for more information. Scholarships are available for all of our Programs. Prices range from $599.99/Month to $799.99/Month for our Specialty/Enrichment Program and Afterschool course.

Exceptions may be made for students who excel in academics, on a case-by-case basis, in terms of age restrictions for each course..

Contact us for more information.

Web Design & Development

Students begin web development by designing a wireframe or outline of what they want their website to look like. They then begin coding in HTML, CSS, and Javascript in an attempt to mimic their wireframe. The languages used are the same that professionals use and the end result may be hosted online.

Game Development

Our main draw is our sprite based game. These games are what you see online. Games with graphics and images. This is introduced later in any program after the Text-based RPG project. Usually further into the program, students already understand the fundamentals and are ready to move on to bigger and more complex game theories such as collisions, physics, etc. Since these games are written in Javascript they may be deployed to the web or mobile applications!

Text-based RPG

Our students love to build games. We start them out with a text only RPG game. The text-based RPG gives students the ability to experience building a game from nothing. It allows students to express their creative side while not needing to understand more complex game development theories. These games are written with Javascript and the Node.js runtime. They may be packaged and deployed to desktop computers.

Voice Recognition

A project many students enjoy is creating their own "Siri". They first outline their idea by selecting a topic that the software can answer questions on. They then pick keywords that the software looks for and pulls answers from public API's. Some students have developed a system that will answer questions on NBA player stats, others have chosen a system to tell them all about their favorite Rick n Morty characters!

Drone Programming

A quick project involving predefined flight plans for our Parrot Bebop Drone. Students learn the Parrot Bebop API and write programs that are transmitted to the drone in real time.

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